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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

J.Roll & DiMag? 

One of the biggest stories of the Phillies 2006 season will be Jimmy Rollins assault on Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hitting streak. Curiously it is a story that seems to be flying underneath the collective radar of the baseball establishment, despite the fact that J.Roll's assault is one of the best in recent memory.

Hypothetically if Jimmy does it and hits safely in his first 21 games this season, does that mean he's broken DiMaggio's record? Or does the record have to be broken within a single season?

I think that if Jimmy does it, hitting in the 57 games would be more impressive than DiMaggio's streak. DiMaggio got into a groove and never got out of it. Jimmy is going to have to pick up where he left off six months ago and get back to it. DiMaggio had tremendous media attention on his feat in 1941, but he had to deal with nothing like the 24/7 media maelstrom players have to deal with now.

Those are my two cents. Stay tuned, A Citizen's Blog officially returns on March 6th.

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