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Friday, January 05, 2007

The BCS sucks 

I am still badly under the weather, so this will be a short, short post today.

Looks like the Big Unit is headed for Arizona for his swan song. I doubt Johnson will make much of an impact, particularly for a team like the D-backs. I think Brian Cashman got the better end of the deal, casting off a pitcher who was ceasing to be productive in exchange for stocking up on critically needed prospects for the Yankees farm system.

Nice article on Yahoo! Sports about why the Big Ten fights a college football playoff as vigorously as they do. (Money.) I personally find it laughable that if Florida defeats Ohio State than a team with a loss could lay claim to the National Title over a team that did what it was supposed to do: win. Boise State won every game and shut up the big conference snobs who said they didn’t stand a chance against Oklahoma. Why wasn’t Utah playing for the National Title in 2004? The big conference snobs stiff, stick up their noses and claim that the small conference teams would be fodder for the big conference teams in a playoff, but I doubt that. Those same people also insisted that Boise State was going to be a speed bump for Oklahoma. A playoff is the only way to truly decide who is best.

A Citizens Blog returns on Monday with some thoughts on the state of the Phillies defense, their base-running, and many, many other things.

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

The OC, RIP 

You know, it really figures that when I get back and have to get to work I almost immediately get sick. C’est la vie. So today is going to be a short post because I don’t feel well. Check back on Monday because I expect to be as healthy as a horse.

-Well, you know not a whole lot is going on when the big news of the moment is that Ryan Howard fired his agent. Will Howard seek a big deal? Since he can’t become a free agent until 2011, that isn’t likely, but he’d certainly have the Phillies over a barrel if he wanted to press the issue. I’d look for Ryan to increase his salary in ’07 and ’08, and then expect for the Phillies to try and lock him into a megadeal in 2009 or so.

-Where o where will Jon Lieber end up? The Padres? The Orioles? The Blue Jays? I suspect that the Orioles will end up swaping out some prospects for Lieber in the end – Phillies need to keep stocking that farm system – but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

-I think all of the criticism of Notre Dame playing in the Sugar Bowl was more than justified by LSU’s 41-14 hammering of the Fightin’ Irish last night. There was so much hype surrounding Charlie Weis and the surprising season that they had in 2005 that I don’t think they could put together something close to last year in 2006. And forget all of that talk about Brady Quinn being the #1 QB in the ’07 draft. The man can’t throw a spiral.

-Look for Louisville QB Brian Brohm to be the first pick in the 2008 draft. The guy’s got an arm and toughness. He’ll be a star.

-Sadly, Fox cancelled “The O.C.” yesterday.

More tomorrow.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hello 2007 

Well, I just got back from New Year’s break and I haven’t a whole lot of thoughts at the moment on the Phillies right now. Today’s post will just be a stream-of-consciousness thing …

-I went to Sunday’s Eagles – Falcons game at the Linc. Despite the Eagles first-teamers being removed once the Lions clinched the NFC East for the Birds with their miraculous 39-31 win over the Cowboys, I had a terrific time (first ever time at the Linc) and I got to see a great game as the Eagles won 24-17. The Eagles defense was fast and aggressive and the offense really moved the ball well through the air. Hank Baskett’s 89-yard TD pass was a thing of beauty.

As this was my first game at the Linc I want to note what a major, major improvement it was over the Vet: despite sitting high in Section 243, near the top of the stadium, I still had a great view of the action and got to see every little detail. I love that place.

-USC’s 32-18 victory over Michigan in the Rose Bowl hopefully shut the BCS rematch proponents up: Michigan had their chance and they blew it. Yet another Big Ten team stumbled and fell. Sad.

-I was overjoyed by Boise State’s 43-42 win over Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. For the second time in three years (see, Utah, circa 2004), a small-time school blitzed through their season undefeated, played a good time in a big bowl, and won’t get the National Title. Disgrace. Boise State played a great game and humiliated everyone who said that Oklahoma was a lock to win. If Florida beats Ohio State, will someone explain why Boise State won’t be the National Champ?

-Speaking of disgrace: Notre Dame plays LSU in the Sugar Bowl tonight. Prediction: LSU 38-14. Notre Dame is a joke, their record this season built on smoke and mirrors. They lost the only games of significance on their schedule (USC and Michigan), and they beat a slew of lousy teams on their way there.

-Anyone else notice that the Big East is 3-0 in the Bowls?

-Some good games coming up this weekend. I like Kansas City over Indy 31-24. Sure K.C. has struggled a little this season, but the Colts are horrible against the run and the Chiefs are going to pound them with Larry Johnson all game long. See ya next year, Peyton Manning. Sunday night I see the Cowboys knocking off the Seahawks 21-20. New England over the New York Jets 17-10 in what will probably be the weekend’s best game. Finally, I like the Eagles to beat the Giants 27-13 on Sunday to earn the right to go to New Orleans and play the Saints.

-A few thoughts on the NFL: That final weekend to the season was a stunner. I cannot believe that the Broncos, Bengals and the Jaguars all missed out on the playoffs. I hope there is some hell to pay in each town because none of those three teams should have missed out. Over in Atlanta, Michael Vick continues to frustrate those who said things about him being the “Michael Jordan of football”. He’s a flashy player who screws up. A lot. He’s not consistent.

-Well, with Barry Zito finding a home in SF, the 2006-2007 free agency period comes to an end. I think it turned out well for the Phillies: they added two new starters to the rotation, got a third baseman, and avoided stupid mistakes like playing Carlos Lee $100 million bucks. Small miracles.

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

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