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Friday, January 05, 2007

The BCS sucks 

I am still badly under the weather, so this will be a short, short post today.

Looks like the Big Unit is headed for Arizona for his swan song. I doubt Johnson will make much of an impact, particularly for a team like the D-backs. I think Brian Cashman got the better end of the deal, casting off a pitcher who was ceasing to be productive in exchange for stocking up on critically needed prospects for the Yankees farm system.

Nice article on Yahoo! Sports about why the Big Ten fights a college football playoff as vigorously as they do. (Money.) I personally find it laughable that if Florida defeats Ohio State than a team with a loss could lay claim to the National Title over a team that did what it was supposed to do: win. Boise State won every game and shut up the big conference snobs who said they didn’t stand a chance against Oklahoma. Why wasn’t Utah playing for the National Title in 2004? The big conference snobs stiff, stick up their noses and claim that the small conference teams would be fodder for the big conference teams in a playoff, but I doubt that. Those same people also insisted that Boise State was going to be a speed bump for Oklahoma. A playoff is the only way to truly decide who is best.

A Citizens Blog returns on Monday with some thoughts on the state of the Phillies defense, their base-running, and many, many other things.

If you like Philly sports you should listen to the MPBGUYS Podcast @ MPBGUYS.com.
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