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Monday, April 12, 2004

1-6 ...  

It is frustrating, watching the CBS Sportsline screen and keep seeing the same things come back "ground out to second", "flied out to center", etc come up for the Phillies. The heck is going on? The Reds pitching isn't that good is it? Not like Beckett. The Philles just aren’t showing any signs of consistency in hitting: Thome, who was off to a slow start, got two hits, but the rest of the team managed just four more. Abreu hits a home run, but the rest of the order just flailed wildly at Wilson’s pitches. Ledee and Polanco looked to get something going, and then Thome and Abreu come up empty. It is like this cool weather has frozen their bats. Last year the Phillies were hurt by the fact that Burrell and Bell were in deep, deep slumps which the supporting cast couldn’t break them out of. Now, it looks like the supporting cast is hopelessly out of it. No timely hits like the Marlins last year, no consistency ... This year started out with a lot of promise, but it is threatening to spin out of control...

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