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Sunday, April 11, 2004

And it gets worse... 

...We're 1-5 now and in desperate need of a win, and quick. I know it is the beginning of the season, but it is extremely disturbing how the marlins swept the Phils. The Marlins pitching this weekend seemed overpowering: the Phillies were helpless to deal with it. The Braves may not be a threat this year, but the Phils don't want to get themselves into a pennant race with the Marlins.

What's up with Bobby Abreu? Two hits in 22 at-bats? Not good. I guess it is nice to see David Bell hitting the ball instead of the bench, but the Phils talent level doesn't seem to match up with the play on the field.

Worried? Now is not the time to panic. Remember what happened to the Eagles last season. Remember what happened to the '01 A's: they started 2-10, and wound up 102-60. (It helps that they went 25-4 over the last month of the season.) The first six games ain't nothing. Call me if we aren't at .500 at the end of the month.

Let's just look forward to Citizens debut tomorrow.

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