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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Battle of Pennsylvania, Day One!  

Yesterday was a cold, but pretty day here in the Steel City. To my surprise, there was a fair amount of fan enthusiasm for the Pirates: around my law school there were a fair number of Pirates fans sporting jerseys. PNC Park, despite the fact that it was cold, was still fairly filled up.


It is difficult not to be impressed by both pitchers performance yesterday:

Wells / Millwood:
INN: 6.0 / 6.0
Hits: 5 / 7
BB: 3 / 0
K: 7 / 4
ER: 0 / 2

Wells looked very good, but it struck me that Millwood had good stuff too: he pitched with real authority out there and probably could have given another quality inning or two if the Phillies hadn't needed the run.


Defensively, I think the Phils looked fine. Redman's RBI double was the crucial play of the game:


It was a sharply hit ball to his left and I don't see how Thome could have played it any better. Aside from that hit and we've got a 1-1 game.

The only discouraging sign was that the Phils bats went so cold, aside from Polanco and Burrell. Burrell in particular looked good: imagine come June or July when Thome starts heating up and Burrell is in stride ... these guys really could hit 100 home runs this season. Or at least eighty. But the rest of the lineup needs to heat up. It was frustrating, watching them flail at Wells fastballs.

Anyway, the bottom line to me was that it was a close game. Wolf will just have to get 'em tomorrow.

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