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Thursday, April 08, 2004

The Battle of Pennsylvania, Take Three! 

It is a good start, isn't it? I'm a little troubled about how the rest of the lineup beyond Burrell and Polanco aren't hitting, but it was difficult not to be impressed by three things: terrific work by the bullpen (especially Wagner), and Burrell and Polanco. Polanco has looked strong, which I think has been getting lost in the shuffle over Burrell's strong start. Having your two hitter get on base is going to enable Thome to see a lot more fastballs, so he might be able to break out of his traditional April, early-May funk quicker:

Thome hit .227 last April, and .210 in May, 2002. Both times he followed up the next month by going on a tear: .297 in May, 2003; and .330 in May, 2002.

April .227
May .297

April .210
May .330

Imagine Thome's numbers without his April starts!

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