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Saturday, April 10, 2004

The Best Week Ever! (Baseball Edition) 

I'm a big fan of VH1's The Best Week Ever, which I think is hilarious. So, I'm beginning a new ((hopefully weekly) ((but, more likely, biweekly)) segment I call:

The Best Week Ever! (Baseball Edition)

So what team had the best week ever?

ta-da! The Oakland A's. Okay, maybe taking two out of three from the Texas Rangers isn't that big of a deal, but the A's have looked very strong in all of their first five games. Even losing to the Rangers 2-1, Barry Zito looked strong. These guys are legit. These guys are better than last year, and they won 96 games last year!

(Close runners-up: The Detroit Tigers.)

What player?

Let's give that honor to Mr. Pat Burrell, shall we? I know his .467 BA isn't going to last, but over the first four games of the year he's looked strong. Given how awful his 2003 was, this is good news for the Phils.

What blog had the best week ever?

I'm giving that honor to our friends over at AthleticsNation. Terrific site, terrific analysis of the A's. I read it every day.

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