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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Expos Sweep... 

Ah, nothing like tuning up against the worst team in baseball to inflate your sense of self-esteem: Yeah, the Expos are terrible this year, but the Phillies sweep suggests some good things. (It also suggests some bad ones.)

The Good News:
1) Consistency: beating up on bad teams is what good teams are supposed to do.
2) Thome had two homers. An early end to the April slump?
3) Burrell is the man. I think you stop talking "resurrection" and start talking "MVP".

The Bad News:
1) Going into games one and two, and three, the Phillies had hit four home runs in eight games: astonishingly, they clubbed eight in just three games. That's not good: home runs can't come in bushels against just the bad teams. (Although Glanville's walk-off home run was nice- a clutch hit and it suggests that management made a good decision signing him, despite skepticism from bloggers like myself and others.)
2) We need a better leadoff guy than Rollins. I know he got on base twice yesterday, but he's batting .139! C'mon!

I had a good weekend (more on my birthday monday), the Phillies had a good weekend... Can't beat that!

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