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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Fifty-Seven Channels, and nothing's on... 

-I can't wait until ESPN starts carrying baseball games instead of the NBA and NHL playoffs. Usually, this time of year all I get to watch is the Pirates (local), Cubs (WGN), or the (ugh) Braves (TBS). I like following the Pirates and Cubs, but the idea of sitting down and spending three hours watching the Braves is more than I can take. (I have the Flyers & Devils on now.)

-I wish I could have watched the Seattle - Oakland game today. The A's are my second-favorite team, and they are off to a terrific start this year. Difficult not to be impressed by the Big Three's start. I know that four consecutive ALDS exits are hard for A's fans to take, but I really am starting to think that the A's might be the second best team in the AL after the Red Sox. If it ain't the Sox, its going to be the A's in the series.

Hudson looked awesome on the stat-line: one run in nine innings of work, no walk and just four hits allowed. The stat that jumped out at me was that Hudson needed just 86 pitches to retire the Mariners. Wow. How's that for brutal efficiency? Now if the A's could score some runs with frequency ... these guys are gonna be good this year. Mark my words.

-Hmm, 3-2 Phillies in Florida, but the bases are jammed for Conine.

I know that following the game on CBS Sportsline is tough, but its the best way when you aren't there...

Alright. More later, no doubt.

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