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Monday, April 12, 2004

A New Day Dawns!  

Citizens gets its first official game at 1:05 today.

Is Citizen's a hitters or pitchers Park? Mike Lieberthal seems to think of it as a hitters park except to center. Overall, it is going to depend on the weather. (Expect a pitchers duel today, which I think should favor Wolf & the Phils.)

The Inquirer's Phil Sheridan likes Citizens, but loathes the location. Bill Lyon is eager to make new memories there.

The Reds: I watched the Reds-Pirates game yesterday at my future inlaws: the Reds sure do have a lot of power: a few of Griffey's warning track flyouts were well hit balls. The Reds have a lot of power in their lineup, but they are a very feast-or-famine team because they rely so much on the long ball to produce runs: all four of Dunn's RBI's, for example, came off of his own home runs.

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