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Monday, April 05, 2004

Okay, Opening Day was a 2-1 loss, but... 

Well, I know that Opening Day was a disappointment, but I think that we saw a lot of good from the Phils:

-Kevin Millwood looked pretty good for his six innings of work. Four K’s, no walks … He looked like he had good stuff. Another strong year from him coming...

-Pat Burrell looked very good. 3 for 4, run scored is a nice way to open 2004.

So why did the Phillies lose? Things just broke the Pirates way today. Kip Wells is the Pirates ace and he looked very good out there, which bodes well for the Pirates chances. (The Pirates can at least trade him for a decent player in July.) Simply put, the Pirates caught a few breaks: Tike Redman's line-drive falling just out of Thome's grasp ... Wolf will just have to come back and get them on Wednesday.

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