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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Shallow Center might be onto something... 

Survey of other blogs: Shallow Center the other day posited that the Phillies are playing to get Bowa fired. Paranoid? Not necessarily. It seems to Shallow Center that Bowa's problem is that he rides players because that's his temperment: that's fine with a young team, struggling to figure out the game, but a team of veterans like Thome, Abreu and Burrell just tune that sort of stuff out: they've put in their time, figured things out. They can set their own schedules and perform their own gut-checks. Hearing Bowa nag them makes them apathetic.

(I'm reminded from the book October, 1964, about how Mauch's riding the team caused the Phillies to implode and lose ten straight games down the stretch.)

Good argument: read Shallow Center.

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