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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

A tale of two baseball games: 

Myers looked awful for the first four innings, but Madson (who is presenting a strong case for being added to the rotation) and Wagner shut the Cards down.

Innings / Baserunners Allowed
Myers: 4 / 9
Madson / Wagner: 5 / 1

Hard not to be impressed, though again I worry that Bowa is resorting to Wagner solution too quickly. Larry, we are going to need Billy in September and October.

The rest of the Phillies lineup seemed to play well: Glanville leading off? I know it worked out well tonight, but Byrd deserves to do more than simply pinch-run. (Note: cagey strategic decision to insert Byrd for Bell in the ninth.)

Hmmm, ever since losing the home-opener the Phils have gone 8-4. Interesting.

Things are looking up…

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