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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Two out of three ain't bad... 

I knew we were all hoping for a sweep, but that probably wasn't going to happen. Here are my thoughts on the Expos series:

-At least the Phillies have pulled past the Expos and Mets for third. They should be able to catch up with Atlanta this week and make this a two-horse race with the fish.

-Despite being shut down batting-wise, Padilla pitched well: just two runs and three hits. It was a (statistically) good loss.

-Pat needs to start hitting a few more homers. I'm sure they'll come, but he hasn't had an RBI or a home run in six games. His average has also been declining...

-Phillies fan favorite Ryan Madson is hurling well: after Wagner he has the team's lowest BAA: .200 ... hard not to be impressed.

-The Phillies should have some success this week with the Cards. Their BAA is a very high .268, and they've allowed 25 home runs in 19 games. Game one against Matt Morris might be tough, but count on a bunch of Phillies homers tuesday through thursday. (I bet Thome will get two, and Burrell will get one.) I just hope the Phils pitching staff can keep them in the park. I'd figure on a bunch of 10-8 and 9-7 slugfests...

I had better run: I apologize if my posting these next two weeks is a little infrequent. I have law school exams in a week until May 12. I'll post (it is cathartic, especially when you spend four or five hours a day memorizing Pennsylvania's rules on choice of law, to blog a little), it just won't be with my typical volume.

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