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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Well, that stunk! 

I actually got to watch a little of today’s game thanks to ESPN. It really stunk, didn’t it? Well, I liked Pratt's scrappyness in fighting it out with Gonzalez, but all of it was bad:

Myers got shelled. The bullpen gave up runs again. Byrd, Lieberthal and Abreu still aren't hitting. (Thank goodness Thome and Burrell are on fire.) I was glad to finally get to see some live-action shots of Citizens on ESPN, but disappointed that they lost again.

A few thoughts...
-Please, Larry, leave Byrd in at lead-off. He'll start to hit again.

-And leave Abreu in at the third slot. He's going to start hitting soon. (A good sign Abreu is still good to go: he has more walks than strikeouts: 10 to 9. His eye is good. His hits just need to start falling.) Having Burrell and Thome's bat behind him will hasten that.

-What will also hasten the Phillies return to form: a nice three game sweep of the Expos this weekend. That would be sweet.

-I looked at the Phils pitching stats today and I realize I should qualify my statements about the Phils pitching from the other day: Milton (.238 BAA) and Padilla (.239 BAA) are pitching well. Millwood looks a little off, and Wolf and Myers are getting shelled. Aside from Wagner, the bullpen looks grim. If they could just get some consistency in their pitching, they'll be fine...

-We need to get some guys for the bench that hit the Marlins well.


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