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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

What a terrific win!  

This is just the sort of game that we’ve been hoping for all season: Abreu, Thome and Burrell all hit well (Burrell’s 4-4 with a walk was terrific) and the bullpen really closed down a dangerous Cardinals lineup. (Although, maybe Larry should lay of using Wagner for a while: surely they didn’t need him to close a four-run lead.) Burrell continues to build, at a minimum, a case for Most Improved Player, and he’s starting to maybe make a few people talk about MVP. That was a terrific game: getting on base five times, the terrific catch and throw in the fifth … hard not to be impressed.

On the downside, Burrell only has five extra-base hits (and two were last night). His slugging percentage hasn’t been that good. He needs to hit a few more dingers.

Today’s Marquis – Myers matchup might be a wild ride. The Phillies may need to score 7-8 runs to have a shot with the way that Myers is pitching.

Give me a minute on my soapbox, fellas: I hope that everyone who is a registered voter with a party got out and voted yesterday. (I presume that most of my readers are Pennsylvanians.) I don’t care who you voted for (I hold my own views on politics close to my vest), but- not to sound like your high school civics teacher -democracy only works when people actually bother to participate. People in South Africa were so excited to have free elections in 1994 that they waited in lines for hours. If we don’t bother to vote then we live in a country like pre-Saddam Iraq, where people are scared into submission and the government is unaccountable and corrupt. I understand that turnout was pretty good (especially due to the Specter – Toomey battle), but I hope that everyone plans to turn out in the fall as well. Alright, thanks indulging in the little speech.

I hope everyone have a great day…

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