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Thursday, April 01, 2004

The World Series of the Damned … 

Picking up where I left off yesterday: I see a Cubs – Red Sox World Series in 2004. Both teams came so close in ’03, and I think that they both made massive upgrades in the off-season to set themselves apart from their competition. The winner:

Red Sox 4
Cubs 2

I think the Red Sox are the best team in baseball. Forget A-Rod. What gives them the edge over the Yankees and the Cubs is their consistency and pitching depth. The Cubs are very good, but streaky at times. The Yankees are shallow on pitching. I think that the Sox are brutally consistent and lack any real flaws. The Pedro-Lowe-Schilling-Wakefield rotation is the best in baseball, and the Sox can score runs in a hurry with Nomar, Mueller, and Manny behind the plate.

Forget 1918, Sox fans. 2004 is your year.

(Sorry Cubs fans.)

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