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Monday, May 10, 2004

Nice game! 

I actually got to watch the Phils & D-backs yesterday on ESPN: Miller & Morgan are a fine broadcasting team, but they are clearly inferior to any team that includes Harry Kalas.

Anyway, I was very impressed by the Phils yesterday: they finally played a little “small ball” and produced runs aside from dingers. In particular I was impressed by Rollins decision to run on the sac fly that scored Byrd. That was an aggressive strategy. The Byrd-Rollins leadoff duo worked remarkably well: Byrd 2-2 with two walks, Rollins 4 for 5. The fact that Rollins and Byrd kept getting on base was what killed the D-backs. I know batting Byrd & Rollins 1-2 was just a limited-time-only deal with Polanco on the DL, but it worked surprisingly well.

Also, an impressive outing by Myers who, until now, had been the Phils weakest starter: the fact that he allowed no walks is a terrific sign that he had good control throughout.

So the Phils are just two games back behind Florida, despite their awful start. They can definitely make up some ground against the Giants (while the Fish take on the Astros), but the bottom line is that the Phils need to prepare for facing off with the fish again and actually winning.

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