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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Road Trip! 

So far the Phils western road trip has worked out pretty well with their sweep of the D-backs. The opportunity to take 2 of 3 or more from the Giants is a tantilizing prospect, especially given that the marlins will have their hands full with the Astros.

-Will Byrd & Rollins bat 1-2 again? I'm intruiged to see, based on what happened Sunday.

-The Phils seem to pitch to Bonds well: he's 2-9 against Padilla, 3-13 against Millwood. Quite a contrast to past Phillies pitching staffs: I remember some of the moon shots Bonds hit against the Phils at the Vet. They werent just gone, they were in the parking lot, and well on their way to I-95 by the time they slowed down.

Alright. More later, but not today. (Exam tonight.)

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