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Friday, May 28, 2004

Stat trends... 

I noticed that Hardball Times graph indicates that the Phils have slipped pretty dramatically under the ledger in terms of pitching and defense. Offensively the Phils are fine, but this slip is troubling: the fish continue to play a defensive-oriented game.

Meanwhile, the Phils zoomed from 10th to 7th on the CNNSI power ratings. After the surprising Reds, the Phils are #2 in the NL. The fish are #9, the Mets, Braves and Expos are in the second division. So far so good. I think what has been surprising about this season in the NL East has been that the Fish are as good as they are: I just chalked them up as a fluke, easily dismissable, but they have proven to be tough, tenacious and worthy foes. I fear these guys.

-Other observations: Yankees & Red Sox are #2 and #1 respectively. It looks to be the #1 playoff race in '04, although the real battle might come when they meet in the playoffs: does anyone expect the loser to not be the AL wildcard?

-I see that the A's are north of .500 ... It is disappointing to see the A's doing so poorly: 11th in OBP, 8th in slugging percentage, 10th in runs, 10th in OPS. Aside from home runs (4th) and doubles (6th) it looks like they aren't having any luck whatsoever in scoring runs this year.

-I'm impressed by the fearsome offensive machine that Theo Epstein has built in Beantown: I still think that the Red Sox are fated to win it all.

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