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Monday, May 17, 2004

Well, first was nice while it lasted... 

7-2 on the road trip thus far, and that is pretty darn good. What I liked about these last few days had been the fact that despite having Thome injured, despite not having Billy Wagner and Palanco, the Phils still won. They won because Rollins and Byrd have started hitting, and because they’ve pitched decently well. This Rollins – Byrd duo worked surprisingly well (aside from yesterdays 0-for-9), Abreu in particular looked good swinging the bat with men on ahead of him, although I’d prefer to see Polanco in the two slot.

It is hard to evauluate the Phils based on this weekend since you have to attach a "Coors Factor" to everything. The Phils scored a bunch of runs this weekend, but how many were due to the rarified air? Are the Phils pitchers going to come back to Citizens and be a little off getting used to normal pitching?

If the Phils win today it will be a spectacular road trip: 8-2 is terrific for a West Coast trip like this. Now the Phils can gear up for some games against weak NL West teams and (hopefully) some easy wins against the Mets and Braves before inter-league play in June, and then resuming games against the Fish in July. Maybe this time we can beat 'em!

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