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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

2003, 2004 - A Comparison ...  

I was kind of curious about how the 2004 Phillies stacked up against the 2003 edition. The 2003 edition, we all recall, were a cursed lot who were expected to compete with the Braves for the division title but faltered out of the gate and ended up collapsing down the stretch, finishing third in the NL East.

2004 (Record after game 62): 33-29
2003 (Record after game 62): 33-29

Yeah, it is the exact same thing. It is a little dispiriting to think about: the '03 team had serious offensive woes, bad luck and terrible performances from David Bell and Pat Burrell. The '04 team has featured terrific seasons from the middle of the order, including Burrell and Bell, but this team is still just where they were last year (they had beaten the A's in the June 8 double-header). The '03 team played well in June (16-9), but basically played .500 ball the rest of the way.

The central problem with both teams were their lethal inability to beat the Marlins: the '03 squad was 6-13; the '04 team is 0-6.

At least we are ahead of the '02 team: 27-35 after losing to the Cleveland Indians on June 11. Alas, the '93 team was 45-17 at this stage, having defeated the Expos 10-3.

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