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Monday, June 21, 2004

Byrd & 1st Place 

-I was sorely disappointed to see Marlon Byrd shipped out to Scranton. It might be for the best, if he can get his swing back and regain in late-season '03 form, but meanwhile the Phils are going to platoon Ledee, Michaels, and Glanville.

Yeah, Glanville's going to get some playing time. Terrific.

-Good news: the Phils have jumped into a tie for first place with the fish. At 36-31, the Phils got it by virtue of a superior winning percentage. If you are curious about where the Phils were after Game 67 the last two years:

2003: 35-32 (86-76 finish)
2002: 29-38 (80-81 finish)
2001: 39-28 (86-76 finish)

So we are a game ahead of '03. So far, so good ...

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