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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Fun With Stats, 3.0 ... 

Stat Update (as of June 12, 2004):

GPA [(1.8 * .OBP + .SLG) / 4 = .GPA]
Thome .352
Abreu .330
Burrell .298
Bell .279
Lieberthal .245
Rollins .243
Polanco .234
Byrd .214

Rollins recent tear has really impressed me. In his last eleven games he has had eight multi-hit games. He still isn’t drawing very many walks (four in those eleven games) but his BB / K ratio is 1:1 during the span and it looks like Rollins has become a dependable singles hitter. I just wonder how long this will last …

Ledee .358
Perez .258
Pratt .244
Utley .239
Glanville .190 (altogether now … “Why?”)

Utley really has to up his OBP to justify breaking back into the lineup. I thought that Larry was going to go with Utley at DH, but you certainly cannot argue with Ledee’s performance against the Twins (3-for-5, three runs, five RBIs).

ISO: [.SLG - .BA = ISO]
Thome .349
Abreu .278
Burrell .199
Lieberthal .177
Bell .173
Polanco .110
Rollins .101
Byrd .088

I’ve been disturbed by Burrell’s performance of late: he’s struck out eight times in the last four games and is mired in a three for twenty-three slump. His ISO numbers have taken a tumble because he hasn’t had an extra-base hit since he hit a home run against the Mets on May 31. During that time his slugging average has declined seventy points.

Ledee .300
Perez .237
Utley .222
Glanville .055 (altogether now … “Why?”)
Pratt .050

Runs Created: [see below]
Abreu 51.6
Thome 47.4
Burrell 38.0
Bell 31.7
Rollins 28.8
Lieberthal 23.0
Byrd 18.0
Polanco 14.7

I got these numbers from the ESPN website: [(H + BB + HBP - CS - GIDP) * (TB + .26[BB - IBB + HBP] + .52[SH + SF + SB])] /(AB + BB + HBP + SH+ SF). Yeah, complicated. I don’t have the time to calculate from the simpler formula I found on baseball reference. (Click here for ESPN's stat glossary.)

The Phils are in the middle of a grueling ten games in ten days haul. They had a game scheduled for every day from June 8 to the 20th. If they weather this stretch well they’ll be in a position to meet the Fish on even terms. As much as Larry hates the fact that the Fish get to pummel the Rays for three games and the Phils have to play the Red Sox, the fact of the matter is that when interdivision play begins again the Phils must improve their 10-15 record against the NL East. That is where the NL East will be won: in Miami, not in Boston.

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