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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Glanville No. 2? Huh? 

Well, the Phils are 3-5 since laying the smack down on the NL West. These last two losses have impacted the Phils offensive stats, dropping from fourth to sixth in the NL in GPA …

2004 GPA
1. Colorado .272
2. Houston .270
3. Pittsburgh .264
4. Chicago .263
5. St. Louis .262
6. Philadelphia .260

Remarkably, despite struggling at the bat in 2003 with Burrell and Bell’s woes, the Phils were fourth in GPA last season, though they are slightly ahead of that pace this year …

2003 GPA
1. Atlanta .276
2. St. Louis .271
3. Colorado .266
4. Philadelphia .259
5. Houston .259

Same thing back in ’02, pre-Thome / end of Rolen era …

2002 GPA
1. San Francisco .265
2. Arizona .262
3. St. Louis .258
4. Philadelphia .258
5. Colorado .257

Interesting to see so many of the usual suspects: Colorado, the Phils, the Cardinals, the Astros up at the top each year. These last few days the Phils saving grace has been David Bell: since moving up to the two slot, he’s been on fire. Presently he has a five game hitting streak, and he has been hitting .444 with three RBIs and three runs scored. I was disappointed to see him moved down to sixth (and even more disappointed to see Glanville in the two slot).

Alright. I’ll calculate ISO when I get a chance!

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