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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Just Remember ... It is the Expos ... It is the Expos ... It is the Expos ... 

While it is terrific to watch the Phils offense light the opposition up with 31 runs in two games just keep repeating to yourself: it is just the Expos, it is just the Expos ...

A few random thoughts:

-Milton is the worst 10-game winner I have ever seen. The guy gives up seven runs in five innings and he still wins?

-Two more games of this ... I wonder what the record for runs scored in a four game homestand are? The Phils did set a record last night with 43 home runs in the month of June, breaking the old record set in June, 1977.

-Uh-oh ... Pat Burrell was injured last night ... please don't tell me that this means playing time for Glanville ...

-I caught about 5 minutes of ESPN's Outside the Lines last night before bed. It was about the use of stats in baseball and they interviewed Michael Lewis of Moneyball as well as Riccardi in Toronto, a scout Riccardi fired and replaced with statistical analysis, and some other old-school baseball guys. I thought it sounded pretty interesting and I had wished I could have taped it. Anyone know if they repeat them?

Alright. Sorry about the decline in posts. Bar exam studies come first.

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