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Friday, June 18, 2004


I was perusing ESPN’s stats and I came across Runs Created per 27 Outs, which is supposedly a stat whose purpose is showing how many runs a hypothetical team of nine of the same player would score. I think that it gets around (to a certain extent) the fact that Runs Created is a counting stat and gives a truer sense of a player’s contribution to a team’s offense.

I remember the stat from Moneyball when Lewis quoted John DePodesta as saying that a team made up of nine Scott Hatteburgs would be one of the most efficient offenses in all of baseball.

Here are the Phils RC27 Stats:

Thome: 9.74
Abreu: 9.62
Burrell: 7.20
Bell: 5.55
Rollins: 4.39
Polanco: 4.06
Utley: 3.76
Lieberthal: 3.92
Byrd: 2.77

Ledee: 10.25
Perez: 5.31
Michaels: 3.75
Pratt: 2.66
Glanville: 2.27

(stats current as of June 16, 2004)

(The idea of a team full of Jim Thome's would cause pitchers to scream and shake in their sleep.)

Alright. I need to do some work this weekend, but I’ll be back Sunday night with a big, big update. Everyone have a good weekend.

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