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Thursday, July 01, 2004

Break Up the Devil Rays! 

I wanted to digress from my usual focus on the Phils to focus on the stunning June success of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. This team went from 18-31 in April & May to 20-6 in June. All with a payroll about $70 million less than the Phils.

It boggles the mind.

I'm not sure what prompted this burst by the Rays, but it is a terrific thing for baseball to see a team jump from mediocrity (actually, sub-mediocrity) to contender status. This is what makes the NFL so terrific: on any given Sunday the worst team in the NFL can score the biggest upset. In any given season a team can go from 1-15 to the Super Bowl (okay, in the case of the Panthers it took two seasons).

The Yankees perennial dominance over the AL makes baseball fans grow weary. Seeing the Devil Rays go from being an automatic W on team's schedules to a team that makes the Red Sox and Yankees look nervously over their shoulder is a wonderful, wonderful thing. I don't know anything about these guys. I couldn't name a single player on the Devil Rays team. Not one. And I couldn't care less.

Go Rays!

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