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Monday, July 05, 2004

GPA (as of July 5, 2004) 

The consensus I've been reading is that the NL's exclusion of Bobby Abreu has outraged a lot of Phils fans (though not, I would suspect, Tom over at Shallow Center). I'm inclined to agree with most that Abreu got a raw deal. Certainly, with his bat, there is little argument:

Starting Lineup:
Thome: .355 / .381
Abreu: .344 / .272
Burrell: .298 / .210
Bell: .284 / .202
Lieberthal: .255 / .186
Rollins: .252 / .113
Polanco: .240 / .115

Thome's 0-for-8 against Baltimore really battered his GPA, although Abreu has been on fire of late (in the last seven games: .416 BA; .611 OBP, ten runs, ten RBI's). His .444 OBP is the highest it has been this season, I think.

The Platoon:
Glanville: .182 / .048
Michaels: .295 / .120

Good to see Michaels in the line-up tonight...

Utley: .249 / .216

I heard a rumor posted in a comment today that the phils are considering dealing Polanco to the Yankees for Loften. As much as I want Chase to get some playing time, what an awful deal that would be: Polanco is hardly my favorite Phillie, but Loften is thirty-seven and he has only played thirty-two games this season. His OBP is decently good, but not that good. If the Phils are planning to deal Polanco, do it for a starting pitcher.

More later. (Phils and Mets are tied at 3-3 as I write...)

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