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Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Homestand is over... 

And with a 6-4 loss to the Braves the Phils home-stand comes to an end. I'm very disappointed with it: the Phils went just 8-6 in the fourteen games and only narrowly pulled ahead of their competition. With the Braves, the Mets and the Fish all within two games of each other the NL East race promises to be a real horse-race to the finish.


-The Phillies are too inconsistent. The pitching staff in particular rarely performs well this season. They need an ace or the return of Randy Wolf or both.

-The Phils can't beat NL East foes, aside from the Expos. With so many games against the Fish, Mets and Braves in the future the unsettling possibility of the Phils finishing fourth (yes, 4th!) is a possibility.

Next up, a series in New York. Mark my words, this will be ugly.

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