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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Last night's game... 

I actually got to watch a little of the Phillies-Mets game on ESPN2 last night. I never get to see too much footage of Citizens Bank, so I loved the opportunity to get to see some sweeping shots of the park. Citizens looks like a stunning, green oasis. It is really beautiful.

(Afterwards ESPN2 showed the Astros-Padres game. Jeez, Petco is a gorgeous park. Imagine watching baseball just a few blocks from the beach…)

As for the game: I was cringing after Abbott got hammered in the first (Abbott v. Glavine seemed to be a matchup the Phils were destined to lose), but I was impressed by how the bullpen entered the game and shut the Mets down: Abbott allowed seven base-runners in his four and 2/3, but Worrell, Madson, Cormier and Wagner allowed just two in the other four and 1/3 while striking out seven to Abbott’s two. The bullpen’s work has been stifling this season.

(It was mildly surprising to me that the Phils got just four extra-base hits last night and not one was a home run.)

Well, first place is ours by three games now. Better yet, we are beating a team that is fast-shaping up to be our competition in the NL East now. Be nice if we could take at least two of the next three from the Mets and start to put a little cushion between us and them.

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