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Sunday, July 04, 2004


I’ll join in on the chorus of voices complaining about the Phils pitching staff in a moment, but first some data on the starting rotation:

Win-Loss / WHIP / ERA (stats as of July 3, 2004)
Millwood: 6-5 / 1.46 / 4.93
Milton: 10-2 / 1.54 / 4.68
Myers: 5-5 / 1.52 / 5.28
Wolf: 3-3 / 1.17 / 3.08
Padilla: 4-5 / 1.42 / 4.07
Abbott: 0-2 / 1.58 / 5.03

I’d comment on how badly Milton’s win-loss record obscures the fact that he isn’t really pitching all that well, but I suspect that my comments would be cumulative to what has already been made. Wolf and, to a lesser extent, Padilla are the Phils two best pitchers in 2004.

Myers? Not that good. Millwood? Not that good. Milton? Not that good. As for adding Abbott, that’s subtraction by addition (hmm, any coincidence that the Devil Rays began winning basically since they dealt him?...)

I’m bitterly disappointed in how the Phils rotation has played and I wonder if the Phils wouldn’t just be better moving Millwood to the Yankees in the next few weeks for prospects, which the Phils could then use to acquire a top-flight starter from someone else.

Meanwhile, the bullpen is doing better in many respects …
Saves / WHIP / ERA
Wagner: 11 / 0.81 / 4.15
Worrell: 8 / 1.27 / 3.73
Madson: 1 / 1.20 / 2.23
Cormier: 0 / 1.43 / 4.23
Telemaco: 0 / 1.45 / 4.88
Hernandez: 0 / 1.73 / 5.28

Wagner has pitched well, despite his ERA. Madson, Wagner and Worrell make a pretty good 1-2-3 punch for the later innings of a big game. I’m a little surprised that the Phils don’t do better than their 10-11 in one-run games.

I wonder why: have the Phils starters failed to come together because Citizens is messing with their heads? Or are they just not developing into the players we assumed they'd be? I think that it might be a combination of both, but the Phils staff posted uniformly bad stats in the second half of 2003, so there may not be any "Citizens" factor at work here. In the case of Millwood it looks to be his mileage catching up with him.

Let's hope Wolf is the Phils Game 7 starter and not Mr. Abbott...


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