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Monday, July 05, 2004

Pythagorean Wins... 

I saw on another blog that the Phils are projected to win the division with 89 wins largely on the strength of the fact that they have been under-performing on their Pythagorean win-loss and the Fish have been over-performing. Hmm, sounds like a replay of 2003, doesn't it?

2003: (Real / Pythagorean Records)
Phillies: 86-76 / 90-72
Marlins: 91-71 / 87-75

I read (as of July 3, 2004) the Phils projected pythagorean record at 88-74. The Marlins, unless I have my math wrong, will go 79-83. The basic fact is that the Marlins have been dramatically out-performing their pythagorean numbers: they have actually been outscored this year 354-to-347, but are 41-39 largely on the strength of the fact that they are 13-8 in one-run games and the Phils are 10-11.

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