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Sunday, July 18, 2004


Stats! Here are the Phils up-to-the-minute stats ...
Starting Lineup:
Abreu: .343 / .269
Thome: .348 / .358
Burrell: .293 / .203
Bell: .280 / .199
Polanco: .237 / .102
Rollins: .241 / .106
Lieberthal: .257/ .187
The Platoon:
Michaels: .280 / .104
Glanville: .179 / .043
Utley:  .260 / .226
Pratt: .209 / .041
Starting Lineup:
Abreu: 10.07
Thome: 9.00
Burrell: 6.70
Bell: 5.90
Polanco: 3.96
Rollins: 4.57
Lieberthal: 4.80
The Platoon:
Michaels: 6.18
Glanville: 1.77
Utley:  5.21
Pratt: 2.51
What the stats mean:
GPA (Gross Productive Average): (1.8 * .OBP + .SLG) / 4 = .GPA
ISO (Isolated Power): .SLG - .BA = .ISO
RC27 (Runs Created per 27 Outs): ESPN’s formula for Runs Created is simply too complex for me to replicate easily here.  This is their stat based on what a hypothetical team of nine of the same player would score. 
Little stats I noticed …

Abreu is leading the Phils in pitches per plate appearance at 4.3 pitches per.  Jimmy Rollins qualifies as the Phils least selective hitter with just 3.4 pitches per.  Pat Burrell clocked in just behind Abreu, much to my surprise, at 4.2 pitches per. 
After briefly flirting with a .300 GPA, Burrell is at .293 …
With Byrd’s absence, and Glanville’s lack of ability, Jason Michaels is making a powerful argument (despite Ledee being back) to be made the every day centerfielder:

Michaels: .280 GPA / .417 .OBP / 6.18 RC27
What really impressed me was that he’s outdrawing OBP-machine Abreu in walks: .200 per plate appearance against Abreu’s .189 … Michaels doesn’t have much speed (one for two in steals despite getting on base fifty times.  Rollins has eighteen steal attempts in just 124 base-running appearances), but what the Phils need at center right now is an OBP machine.  That looks to be Jason Michaels. 
I do have to give some grudging respect to Polanco: his BB/K ratio is practically one-to-one, which is pretty darn good. 

Thome is mired in a slump.  During the Phils fourteen game home stand Thome entered into a slump: he hit just two home runs, knocked in six RBIs and saw his OBP and SLG averages decline from .421 / .720 to .403 / .645 …

Coincidence that the Phils went just 8-6 during this stretch? 

Citizen’s Factor: Chase Utley 
Home: .315 GPA; .328 ISO
Away: .214 GPA; .139 ISO

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