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Sunday, August 01, 2004


Burrell had another good news / bad news month. Bad news: his BA was .221 in July, a hair better than the .220 he hit in June. Good news: his OBP continues to be about .100 higher than his BA. Bad news: his slugging percentage slipped below .400 for July.

Burrell: (GPA / ISO)
April: .276 / .132
May: .372/ .334
June: .245/ .170
July: .248 / .164
Season: .283 / .200

The Phils are fifth in NL ZR at .854 … Baseball Tonight mentioned that the Red Sox wanted to improve their defense, which is why they did the deal to get Gold Glovers Doug Mientkiewicz and Orlando Cabrera from the Twins. How bad are the Sox at D? Dead last. Thirtieth out of thirty: .818 ZR, narrowly worse than the Pirates NL-worst .825 ZR. It is going to be weird seeing Nomar (Nomah!) in a Cubbies uniform, but I think this deal will make the Sox better.

I’ve been keeping track of walks per plate appearance. It’s an interesting stat. I like to see guys walk often and it seems like Abreu, Thome, Burrell and Micheals excel at it … btw, Barry Bonds leads the majors with a mind-boggling .373 BB/PA:

Abreu: .180
Thome: .157
Burrell: .157
Bell: .112
Rollins: .071
Polanco: .065
Lieberthal: .065

Micheals: .185 (Michaels would be 3rd or 4th in NL if he had enough PA's)
Glanville: .063

Bench / Scranton:
Byrd: .075
Pratt: .106
Utley: .029
Perez: .047

Alright, I’m off to bed …

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