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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Phillies Report: 8-25-2004 

Games behind Braves: 10.0
Games Behind Chicago: 7.5
Games Left: 36.0

Now that they’ve dropped 2 to the Astros, a team they are competing with for the wildcard, the Phillies continue to dig themselves a hole. Whatever help they did to their cause in Milwaukee is gone now… The problem is that they are running out of time and are slipping further behind. They are making mistakes they need to correct before they can think about making up grounds. I don’t think that ESPN bothers to include them in their wildcard updates any more.

Things I noticed … Since the All-Stear break Jimmy Rollins has hit more home runs (5) and has a higher slugging average (.500) then Mike Lieberthal (1 and .364) … Since the All Star Break Jason Michaels has really stunk it up: .182 BA; .247 OBP. Doug Glanville (!) has played better: .267 BA; .300 OBP … now if you’ll excuse me, I have to wash out my mouth with soap … Jimmy Rollins & Bobby Abreu on the base-paths: 53 steals in 61 attempts (87%); rest of team: 22 steals in 33 attempts (67%) … the Phillies starters have pitched better since the break: Wolf, Milton, Millwood, Myers and Padilla all have lower WHIPs than the team itself. Corey Lidle and Paul Abbott, two pitchers the Phils brought in to help the starters, have higher post-break WHIPs.

From the rest of the league … terrific move up in the standings from the Boston Red Sox. They basically cut their deficit in half in a week. I still doubt they can catch the Yankees, but that's pretty good. They'll be the wildcard team … Meanwhile, the Indians challenged in the AL Central and then collapsed. The Twins got it in the bag … heck of a battle between the A’s, Angels and Rangers for the AL West. I’d still place my cash on the A’s.

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