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Monday, August 30, 2004

Who Cares? 

I thought that the catchphrase they attached to the title sequence to the short-lived tv series Millennium was apropos, though Millennium used it in a different context than I do.

My best man & some of my groomsmen took me out to the Cardinals – Pirates game on Saturday afternoon as part of my bachelor party weekend. Good game. One thing I noticed was that there about 10,000 (not joking by much) Cardinals fans at the stadium. A sea of red … I’m amazed: it isn’t like St. Louis is 30-40 miles from Pittsburgh … Cards fans must be excited … (And I’ll stipulate to the fact that Cardinals fans are intelligent, polite fans of the game. I didn’t see anyone behaving obnoxiously and the fans who sat in front of us were very nice people.

Anyway, I had a terrific time. My groomsmen did a terrific job planning the weekend. I had a blast …

… but back to baseball …

… the problem with base-stealing I was talking about recently was nicely illustrated by the Cardinals – Pirates game … Edgar Renteria leads off the third inning with a single. Larry Walker pops out to short, bringing up Scott Rolen. LaRussa sends Renteria to second (to avoid the DP?) and he’s tagged out. Rolen promptly walks, and then Edmonds blasts a beautiful line-drive shot into center. Two-run home run, but it could have been a three-run homer, and the Cardinals ended up sweating a 5-4 lead until the ninth, when they added an insurance run.

It amazes me that the Cardinals have such a prodigious offense, given how much they waste base-runners.

Of course, as people have hastened to point out to me, oftentimes steals masquerade as hit-and-runs to avoid the GIDP. It is a good strategy is employ, I grant you, but in the case of the Cards it made exactly zero sense: the potential NL MVP is at the plate and you run? I don’t get it.

I’ve noticed a dramatic fall-off in hits on A Citizen’s Blog these last few weeks. I hardly blame Phils fans. I’ve found my enthusiasm on a decided wane.

Quick question: who was the sole Phillie to have a good August? Thome? Abreu? Bell? No! Jimmy Rollins: .300 BA; .402 OBP; .570 SLG (better even than Abreu & Thome), .323 GPA; .270 ISO (better than Abreu); .137 BB/PA (better than Abreu); 1.14 BB / K ratio (best on team); 8.42 RC27. Rollins seven doubles, four triples, and four home runs in August. Great performance this last month.

The Phils have closed from nine back to six back of the Cubs … still difficult to see them winning it due to the fact that the Phils are in sixth place. Too many teams are in front of them … The NL East is basically over: 10.5 is too much …

So who cares? Who's going to any attention these next few weeks?

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