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Monday, October 25, 2004

Halfway to History… 

You could practically see the Red Sox fans drooling with anticipation after the conclusion of last night’s Game 2 victory for the Red Sox. Just 54 outs to history. Just two games to go …

Tuesday’s night’s game in St. Louis will be interesting. If the Red Sox win it will make a Cards comeback difficult … but as the ALCS taught us, not impossible. If the Cards pull it out we’ve got ourselves a series. They’ve been formidable at home in the post-season: 6-0, 1-6 on the road; but you have to sense that this series has been different from the Cards victories in the NLDS and NLCS. They seem outmatched, rather than simply being outplayed like they were in Houston. I think that the Cards will win game three, but I’m starting to think that this looks like a five game series, and not a six.

-The Big 4 were 3 for 15 with one run and one RBI. Pujols got all three hits. So far Walker, Pujols, Rolen and Edmonds are a combined 8-for-32 (.250 BA) with four runs and three RBIs. Pretty pathetic stuff. They'll have to step things up in St. Louis in a big way.

Meanwhile, seven of the Red Sox nine starters got hits, and the hit-less Millar and Ortiz combined for three walks. The whole Red Sox lineup has been contributing.

-The defensive miscues for the Red Sox continue. If you are Theo Epstein you have to be having a heart-attack: the big defensive upgrade and this is how your team plays?

It was mildly funny to see Pokey Reese, Gabe Kapler and Mientkiewicz enter the game. Nothing says: “We don’t trust our defense” like mass substitutions.

-Another terrific game from Schilling. Can Pedro follow up in St. Louis? I can’t imagine the fans there chanting “Who’s Your Daddy”. They have too much class. One thing is for certain: the Red Sox had a decided edge in the pitching matchup. Suppan v. Pedro? Who’d take that matchup?

Links … Redbird Nation's Brian Gunn has some thoughts on the World Series. ESPN's Jim Caple is unimpressed by the Red Sox defensive miscues. Jayson Stark adds useless information ... More like old news, but Steve Silver forecasts Yankee doom for 2005 and beyond at Hardball Times.

Thoughts on tomorrow's game ... tomorrow.

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