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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Happy Days in New England! 

Congratulations go out this morning to the Boston Red Sox, winners of their ALDS series against the Anaheim Angels. It is hard not to be impressed both with the confidence that the Red Sox seemed to be playing with, and their grit and determination. Nearly blowing a five-run lead should have shattered their confidence, but the Sox buckled down and took care of business. I’m impressed. If there is a Red Sox – Yankees ALCS (which is likely, unfortunately) I would have to give the edge to the Red Sox. They are stronger offensively, they have better pitching, and they play defense nearly as good as the Bronx Bombers.

Batting: (Runs, OBP, SLG)
Boston: 940 / .360 / .472
New York: 897 / .353 / .458

Pitching:(WHIP / ERA)
Boston: 1.293 / 4.18
New York: 1.369 / 4.69

Fielding: (ZR)
Boston: .829
New York: .841

Today’s forecast:

Astros take a 2-1 lead with a victory in Game 3 … the Twins and Santana extend the series to five games with a win … and the Dodgers fall to the Cardinals to close out their series …

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