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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Just remember … 

… the villains always win the first battle.

I’m disappointed by the results of Game One of the ALCS, but I have to admit it was a great game thanks to the big Red Sox rally that nearly closed the gap from 8-0 to 8-7. Needless to say, game two is vital for the Sox to win (you don’t want to start 0-2) and I think that Pedro can probably do it.

A few thoughts …

-Manny Ramirez may contribute a ton of runs to the Red Sox lineup with his bat, but boy did he cost them with his sloppy glove work in left field. He misplayed Bernie Williams triple that made it 10-7, and he misjudged Matsui’s double in the first inning, which allowed Sheffield to score and got the Yankees scoring going. His defense work probably cost them four runs. (Every time the ball went into left field my friend Greg, a passionate Red Sox fan, would groan in anticipation of Manny failing around like a little leaguer.)

-What was the deal with Schilling? Is his ankle injury hurting him a lot more than he’s letting on? If so then the Red Sox chief advantage over the Yankees, their pitching, isn’t so big anymore. Schilling is supposed to hurl game five, which is always a critical game.

-Even though the Red Sox got 10 hits and 7 runs off the Yankees pitchers, notice that they didn’t draw a single walk. They should have been trying to wear down Mussina a little during the first six innings or so. The Red Sox were second (to the Yankees, interestingly) in walks per plate appearance (.101, to the Yankees .105) … Hopefully they can get a few walks against Lieber.

The villains always win the first battle … but good triumphs over evil (Star Wars, The Lord of the Ring) …

… usually.

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