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Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Aaron Gleeman has some thoughts on the series at Hardball Times. Given that the Red Sox have gotten away with so many defensive miscues so far he does bring up a good point that the "defense & pitching wins championships" cliché might need to be retired soon. (Oh and Aaron: Jessica Alba? Ehh...) Meanwhile, Sox fan Ben Jacobs talks about the joys of watching his favorite team at home, something I think about often, as a Phillies fan living in the northern suburbs of Pittsburgh.

At ESPN, the always excellant Peter Gammons makes the case that "intelligent baseball" is the reason for the Red Sox being fifty-four outs from erasing 86 years of history. Gammons is a terrific baseball writer not only for his prose, but for being one of the few pundits open-minded enough to poke his head out of the sand, something Joe Morgan and the rest of the "Moneyball doesn't work" crowd is unwilling to do. (Gammons also says that Grady Little's interview didn't go well: Fregosi or Charlie Manuel will be the next Phillies manager.)

Off-topic: In case anyone is interested, I found a clip of Jon Stewart's performance on CNN's Crossfire from last week. I saw an abbreviated clip on Best Week Ever over the weekend, but you have to watch the whole thing to really appreciate the public service Stewart did by pointing out that garbage like Crossfire turns politics into threatre and makes a mockery of the media's mission to inform the people. Have the American people ever been any less informed than in this election? I don't think that we've ever had an election less devoid of context than this one. The last four years have seen extraordinary changes to America, and yet the media can do little but talk about polls, swing states and what John Kerry did or did not do in Vietnam. The media is a farce: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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