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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Odds 'n Ends... 

Yankees fan Larry Mahnken crows about their win here. Aaron Gleeman previews the Cards-Astros NLCS here.

My take on the NLCS? I think the Cards pitching is a lot thinner than people think. True, the Cards have a real murderers row with Walker, Pujols, Edmonds and Rolen, but as Yogi Berra said, good pitching can stop good hitting, and vice versa. I'd say Cards in six, and the Cards will struggle at times down in Houston. It won't be a cakewalk.

Ken Caminetti's death has gotten little-to-no attention from the baseball world. Is it because they don't want to come to grips with the problems that steroids pose for the game? Are the players scared of being exposed, and management is terrified of what they might find? If the BALCO rumors are true and Barry Bonds pursuit of Hank Aaron is ... (how should I say this?) ... artificially enhanced, what then? Ban Barry? Put an asterisk next to the record?

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