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Monday, October 11, 2004

Some thoughts on the Pirates... 

Here in Pittsburgh (I live in the north suburbs) there were the usual rash of post-season “Will the Pirates win next year?” articles in the local media. The future, in my opinion, continues to be dark for the Bucs:

They have the albatross of Kendall’s contract hanging over them, as well as the fact that the team has some major flaws: despite having an OBP machine like Kendall in the line up they are 13th in OBP in the NL and 13th in slugging percentage. This team also had the worst walk to plate appearance and walk to strikeout ratio in the NL.

Defensively they were also dead last in the NL in ZR.

They need, desperately, to move Kendall, hope that their pitchers finally develop, and not give in to the temptation of giving Jack Wilson a big deal: nothing against the Pirates plucky shortstop, but he isn’t likely to repeat the career year he had in ’04.

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