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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Wanted: A Manager Who Won't Piss Off the Players... 

According to ESPN, Don Baylor, Charlie Manuel and Grady Little are slated to be interviewed for the manager job with the Phils. Here are my thoughts ...

Charlie Manuel: Manuel was with the Tribe during the glory days of the mid-‘90s and would probably like to work with Thome again. Not exactly a stellar record as the Indians manager: the team went from the dominant force in the AL Central to an also-ran, although the Indians decision to contract their payroll was a factor. Since he has been Wade’s special assistant for the last two years, Manuel probably has the inside track.

Grady Little: His failure to remove Pedro in the ’03 ALCS is going to leave a wide-open mark for the Philly media to exploit whenever Little makes a difficult decision that goes against the team. He’d be eaten alive in the media.

Don Baylor: Baylor seems relaxed and calm, a sort of players coach who would make a dramatic contrast with Bowa. He’d be the best fit. He’s also the least likely to be hired.

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