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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Phun Phacts.... 

I was looking at Baseball Reference.com the other day and I was playing around with an interesting feature they have: historical team-v.-team matchups. So get ready for a little Phillies trivia …

Q: Historically, are the Phillies winners or losers?

A: Losers. Since 1901, the Phillies are 7,382 – 8,686. That’s a winning percentage of .459 … The Phillies could be undefeated (162-0) for the next eight seasons and still be under .500 …

Q: That sounds bad…

A: Yeah, well it could be worse: the Phillies have actually out-performed their historical pythagorean win-loss record by 53 games. Their pythagorean win-loss record is 7,329 - 8,816 …

Q: Anyone can have a bad century. How are the Philles doing in this millenium?

A: I know the third millenium only kicked off in 2001, but I’ll include the 2000 season … since Opening Day, 2000, the Phillies are a respectable 403-406 (.498).

Q: Against which franchise have the Phillies played the most games?

A: Entering the 2005 season the Phillies have played the most games against the Chicago Cubs: 1,989 since 1901. Closely following are the St. Louis Cardinals (1,985) and the Pittsburgh Pirates (1,981).

Q: Who have the Phillies had success against?

A: They are 2-1 historically against the Kansas City Royals, the Oakland A’s and the Cleveland Indians. Against teams they’ve played more than three times, the Phillies are best against the Milwaukee Brewers (30-19, .612).

Q: How have the Phillies done against the NL’s original eight?

A: The original eight (ranked by Phillies winning percentage) are the…
1) Boston – Milwaukee – Atlanta Braves (911-991, .479)
2) Chicago Cubs (930-1046, .471)
3) Pittsburgh Pirates (893-1080, .453)
4) Cincinnati Reds (811-1024, .446)
5) Brooklyn – Los Angeles Dodgers (805-1033, .438)
6) St. Louis Cardinals (849-1126, .430)
7) New York – San Francisco Giants (748-1080, .409)
8) and the Phillies

The Phillies have had the most success against the Braves and the least against the Giants.

Q: What distinction do the Phillies have with respect to the original 16 MLB franchises?

A: The Phillies were the last to win the World Series.

Q: What team have the Phillies never played?

A: Tampa? Seattle? Wrong. Try the Texas Rangers. They are the only MLB team the Phillies have never played against.

Q: Recent history. The Phillies have made a serious push over the last two years to contend, having acquired guys like Millwood, Milton, Wagner, Thome, and Bell. How have the Phillies done in the last two years?

A: Consectutive 86-76 finishes (172-152, .530).

Q: How have the Phillies done against the NL East?

A: Overall, not well. 78-84 (.481). But that's mostly the Marlins fault:

Florida: 13-35 (.342)
Atlanta: 19-19 (.500)
Montreal: 23-15 (.605)
New York: 23-15 (.605)

Q: What about against the NL Central?

A: Better: 39-36 (.520) v. the NL Central. Specifically:

Chicago: 8-4
Milwaukee: 8-4
Cincinnati: 7-8
St. Louis: 7-5
Houston: 4-8
Pittsburgh: 5-7

Q: The NL West?

A: The best: 38-26 (.594). They’ve had remarkable success against the Dodgers, for example (10-3, .769). Less well against the rest:

San Francisco: 5-7
Colorado: 7-7
Arizona: 7-5
San Diego: 9-4

Q: What about interleague play?

A: The Phils are 17-16 (.515) v. American League.

So there you go, Phun Phacts to dazzle your friends at your next cocktail party… More tomorrow...

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