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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Thoughts on the Eve of Battle… 

-First off I want to apologize for not being as responsive as I usually am to A Citizen’s Blog. This week I started working part-time at a retail job to make a little cash and I’ve been helping my wife study for the bar exam in two weeks. The Phillies, the Eagles, pretty much everything has been taking a back seat to my wife’s studies. I’ll try to keep my Gerhig-like ability to post new content going, but I warn you that Feburary might be a little sparse. e.g, I might not post anything on the Super Bowl for a few days. Still, my wife comes first.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about how much I’ve been able to post since I’m also a lawyer. I post a lot of content. If I were an associate working at a law firm I couldn't do A Citizen's Blog. One of the reasons why I’ve been able to keep A Citizen’s Blog swimming with content is that I’ve been looking for a job since September (and before that I wrote while I studied for the bar exam). I usually take an hour out of my morning to post content before starting on the dreary task of begging people to interview me.

Sadly, I can’t gaurantee every day posts any more: I recently accepted a job as a prosecutor in Pittsburgh and my wife & I are house-hunting, so I’m unsure how this will affect my blogging. I'm committed to making 2005 an even better year than 2004, but I might be skipping a post or two each week.

-To my stunned amazement, I saw that The Bird Blog has been getting twenty and thirty hits a day for the last few days. I shut it down in December when I could no longer find the time to do two blogs, and I’m somewhat regretting that I didn’t keep going until the end of the season. (I think I stopped after week eleven.)

Thank you. I appreciate the interest in The Bird Blog. I’ll try to keep an eye on the Eagles always.

-I also want to say: thank-you Steelers fans. I expected most Stillers fans to be pulling for the Patriots this weekend (wanting to get beaten by the best and all), but I’ve found that public opinion in the Three Rivers area is running heavily towards the Eagles. My wife confirmed this for me the day after the conference title games, telling me that most of the people in the local online forum she frequents were pulling for the Eagles. There is a real sense of wanting to see a Pennsylvania team win the championship around here that I appreciate. Thanks, fellas. If it can’t be us, we’ll always pull for you.

-Here is a nice article from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about Silky’s, a bar in Pittsburgh frequented by Philadelphia-native college students. The author really captured a lot about the sense of community Iggles fans have here in Steelers country.

-Here is a nice article from my alma mater’s newspaper, The Pitt News, about the Eagles defense. The author, Jimmy Johnson, is a Philly native and a real breath of fresh air in the Pitt sports pages: when I went to Pitt I got used to getting vitrolic, lame-brained Philly hatred from the Pitt News sports columnists. Nice to see some balance. Jimmy’s got a terrific writing style. We’ll see his work in Sports Illustrated some day, mark my words.

-I’ve been getting some heat on my prediction for a 27-24 Patriots win tomorrow, but I stand firm. I try to be as brutally honest as I can and I stand by my argument that losing TO, Chad Lewis and Buckhalter are all big blows that will hurt the Eagles offense tomorrow. If the Eagles offense can take the fight to the Patriots and dominate their front seven we’ll win. But I think we’ve got one too few horses to make that happen.

It will still be a good game though, and I couldn’t be happier to be proven wrong.

-Sorry I haven’t responded to some of the comments made about Pat Burrell. I’ll try to get around to it tomorrow. Some good points were made that I need to repond to…


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