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Thursday, March 17, 2005

2005 AL Central Preview 

The Rust Belt division used to be the Indians private fiefdom until the Twins usurped their position a few years ago. I don’t see there being much of a contest this year either:

Proj. Standings
Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals

Why not the Twins? My dad’s family is originally from Minnesota (Berquist is a Swedish name, in case you didn’t know), so I have a soft spot in my heart for the Twins. Hard not to like the Twins in the ’05 Al Central race. Johan Santana turned in a tremendous performance last year in winning the AL Cy Young. I expect him to be dominant for years to come, and I expect the Twins to continue their winning ways. This is a smart team: investing in defense (though I note they were below-average defensively in 2004), cutting high-priced veterans loose, dominant pitching staff … this is a template for teams like the Devil Rays, Royals and Pirates for success … I like the Indians as well. They have a lot of potential, but they just don’t have the horses. I honestly think their decision to sign Kevin Millwood was very saavy (you won’t be laughing at me when he wins 17+ games this year…), and they have a lot of talent. They might be ready to challenge the Twins in 2006 … I just don’t understand the White Sox. They need to upgrade their pitching staff in order to compete their the Twins and they don’t … The Tigers decision to shower Magglio Ordonez with money left baseball utterly baffled. I’d like to join in and ask what on earth they were thinking. This team should try and take advantage of the spaciousness of Comerica Field and sign pitchers. They were just eighth in Fielding Independent Pitching in the AL and thirteenth of fourteen teams in Defense Efficiency Ratio (DER). These are the things they need to improve on in a big way … Abandon all hope ye Royals fans. Your team might be the worst in baseball in 2005. No talent is left on the roster, you were last in DER in 2004, last in FIP, and last in Gross Productive Average. Grim.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! As a special treat I have an afternoon post on the Mets for this afternoon.

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