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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

No Update 2day... 

No update today: I’m a little spent over how long it took me to put together Part I of my season preview. Here is the schedule of updates:

March 16: AL East Predictions
March 17: AL Central Predictions
March 18: AL West Predictions

March 21: NL West Predictions
March 22: NL Central Predictions
March 23: NL East Predictions
March 24: Overall AL Prediction Recap & AL Playoffs
March 25: Overall NL Predictions Recap, NL Playoffs & World Series

March 28: Part II, Pitching
March 30: Part III, Batting

This is all pretty tentative stuff.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the NCAA Tournament this week. My alma mater, Pitt, got an awful draw (#8 vs. Pacific), which is too bad but they really faltered this year and played some lousy basketball.

My Final Four is Illinois, Wake Forest, North Carolina and Syracuse. I have Illinois as my champ. My strategy is to pick teams with good guard play (Illinois) and ACC (UNC, Wake) and Big East (‘Cuse) squads.

I have Washington losing in round two, my upset special.

Tomorrow: AL East. Yankees or Red Sox?

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