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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Polanco Upset? 

Nice article from the Courier Post Online edition about how unhappy Polanco is in his new role as a super-utility man. A few thoughts:

1. Why is Polanco surprised that he's in this position? The team has been grooming Chase Utley for some time now.

2. If he's so unhappy why didn't he explore the free agency market in the offseason?

3. I expect him to be dealt, provided David Bell is healthy, sometime in May or June. Polanco's recent statements seem to be hinting (not so subtly) at his desire to play middle infield on a contender. Polanco's comment that he wouldn't mind being in this position on a contender should rankle management. This team is a contender. If he doesn't realize that, then he should be gone.

NCAA update: I considered picking Bucknell to beat Kansas. I really did. They beat my alma mater, Pitt, in the regular season and Kansas always struggles in the opening rounds. My big upset was Ohio over Florida, which didn't work out. I also picked Syracuse for the Final Four, so Vermont's win last night was a bracket-buster. Shoot!

I'll be back Monday.

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